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Welcome to the Art of IFS

Get ready to experience deeper connection with yourself and those you care about most.

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Imagine what it would be like...

If you had a sense of inner peace and new found confidence in your connections.

It turns out the same set of skills that contribute most to healthy, deeply connected, and vital relationships can be applied on the ‘outside’ - with those we care about most in our life, as well as on the ‘inside’ - with the different and various parts of ourselves.  One set of skills, two worlds. Social Wellbeing, Emotional Wellbeing. As within, so without…

The Art of IFS is about creating healthy, dynamic, nourishing relationships in our life- both with others (Authentic Relating) and ourselves (IFS)


Feeling calm & centered even in the most trying times
Start attracting your dream relationships 
Be able to understand yourself on the deepest level
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What Is IFS?

IFS stands for Internal Family Systems, a relating model that uses specific techniques to help us access our own internal system, with parts that function much like a family.

It is evidenced-based, meaning it is one of the best relational practices available, proven scientifically to produce positive results.

It offers a clear, non-pathologizing, and empowering method of understanding all parts of ourselves.

It provides an innovative way to regulate your emotions and improve your problem-solving skills.

It invites an enriching and transformational relationship between all of us on this unique journey.


What is Authentic Relating?

Authentic Relating (AR) is the practice of freely expressing your true experience in the company of others.

Expressing in this way enables you to create connections in the world based on who you really are. 

AR practices create a safe, intentional space, fostering meaningful and enjoyable connections to self and other.

By learning Authentic Relating skills, you learn to relate with others from a deeper more authentic expression of your truth.

This allows us to be more human with one another, resulting in a life full of fulfilling and meaningful relationships.

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This program is guaranteed to create lasting positive change in your life and the lives of those around you.

Getting to know and connecting with all of your parts intimately, as well as the parts of others, you will be able to develop greater empathy and understanding towards yourself, carving the way to healing and transformation that will affect you in every field of your life. Romantic and friendly relationships, family, health, career, finance and quality of life!



You would much rather show up in every moment as your true, authentic, loving self. Shine your full light, and receive the gifts and rewards of simply existing in your highest self.

This is a time of incredible challenge for the world, it's bound to wear all of us down. We're into a timeline of years of struggle, so it wouldn't be surprising if you are seeking here because of some of these reasons:

  1. Feeling overwhelmed

  2. Disconnected from yourself or others

  3. Feeling strained or bored in everyday life

  4. Constantly in survival mode

  5. Wanting to feel the simple joy of life again?

This is a time of incredible challenge...

Go from this to that

Joy of Harvest
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What if your life could look like this??

  • What if you were able to prioritize yourself and your well-being?

  • What if you knew your inner-workings and were able to communicate them to yourself and others?

  • What if you became increasingly aware and able to react positively to any pattern that has been holding you back?

  • What if you show up as a reliable, caring, powerful force in any of your relationships?

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The Art of IFS Program

Doing our inner work together amplifies compassion, expression, and a true sense of belonging

The main things you will learn are:

Your Inner System and How It Makes Sense

Diving into the juice of Internal Family Systems, you will get a chance to entrench yourself in your inner world's workings, thus creating a bigger capacity for inner choice and freedom


Befriend, Understand, and Liberate Your Parts

We will work closely with our parts and through exercises and practices, develop your internal leadership so you can show up to every moment with the full backing and trust of all your parts.


Authentically Communicate and Express Yourself With Others

Through the inner journey of self-understanding and leadership, you will be able to reveal yourself to others like never before, creating deep trust and intimacy. You will feel deep freedom and liberation being exactly who you are with others. Which will allow your relationships to go deeper than ever before.



Be With Others in a Way That Has Them Feel Deeply Seen and Understood

Through our practices the tools we learn, your understanding and expression of yourself will allow others to feel safe and known as they get to know and experience your authentic presence. Which will in turn create sustainable, safe and secure relationships in your life as the right people are drawn to the unique magic you bring.


The is a 12 week, online program dedicated soul-ly to your internal and relational growth.

If you commit fully to diving into your psyche in these 12 weeks, you will go through a beautiful journey of self-discovery. You will get the opportunity to create connections that see and know your deepest parts with love, and discover how much capacity for love you possess. You will leave your fractured self in the past, and walk forward in wholeness.

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This is for you if:

You are ready for change in your inner & outer world

You want to walk the path of healing through connection with those who are dedicated to it.

You are ready to take your communicating to the next level

You keep running through the same patterns in your relationships

You want to develop more self compassion and understanding

You feel the love  and joy deep inside you ready to come out

Praise for "The ART of IFS"

"The ART of IFS was an amazing experience. I’ve been through several ART courses, and this one was particularly powerful because it blended the tools of Internal Family Systems with AR, which helped me get so much more clarity around my own experience. Chris and Yaniv created a space that helped me see better how my inner parts are relating and how they’re showing up in my relationships. I recommend the ART of IFS for anyone who is ready to turn the relationship skills of AR inward for greater self-understanding.”


Wait what exactly is in this course??

Glad you asked. Here is what you get.

You don't have to do this work alone...

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Module One

Connecting & Protecting

The course is comprised of three 4-week modules.  The first module focuses on an overview of the relational models we use, the ability to identify parts in ourselves and others, and building safety, trust, and rapport as a group journeying together.

  • Week 1  The IFS Model

  • Week 2 The Authentic Relating Model

  • Week 3 Reflecting Ourselves and Others

  • Week 4 Integration

Module Two

Self Leadership

The second module focuses on accessing and developing our Self Leadership.  Uncovering the part of ourselves that's wise and knowing.  That's both humble and dignified.  We cultivate our self energy in relationship with our parts as well as others in our lives.

  • Week 5 The IFS 8 C's of Self

  • Week 6 Embodying Our Dignity & Humility

  • Week 7 Trusting the Wisdom of the Moment

  • Week 8 Integration & Deepening

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Module Three

Wholeness & Healing

In our third module, we begin to focus our Self Energy towards the compassionate healing of our parts that need it most.  And we bring our Self Leadership to the valued relationships in our lives, healing and deepening the connections we deeply care about.

  • Week 9 Working With our Exiles

  • Week 10 Relational Alchemy

  • Week 11 Designing Our Ideal Relationships

  • Week 12 Integration & Graduation




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One 1:1 Coaching Session with Yaniv
One 1:1 Coaching Session with Chris

More details on what you'll receive...

All of this and more

Weekly 150-minute live group calls - including tutorials, exercises, integration and Q&A sessions

Weekly tools and resources to help you dive deeper into yourself.

Templates, tools and resources to inspire, support and keep you accountable.

Recordings of all calls shared in our dedicated group space.

Membership in the growing IFS Spaceholder community.

Dedicated buddies for mutual support and accountability.

And nourishing relationships with the others

who are on this journey with you.


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Christopher is a course leader of The ART of Being Human Levels 1, 2, & 3 as well as the Authentic Leadership Program. He’s spent 20 years in the software world as a leader in learning technology, most recently at Facebook.


Christopher has also been doing extensive work supporting people struggling with alcoholism, substance abuse, and codependency.


He coaches and works with companies to bring this transformative, humanizing practice to the world.

His goal is to end corporate suffering.

Yaniv is a seasoned L2 IFS Practitioner, trained by the official IFS institute's in Barcelona and the UK. He is currently part of the Authentic Relating International's facilitator program and serves as faculty. He has struggled with belonging, co-dependency and addiction, and supports those who are on a similar path to healing.

Yaniv's mission is to create more authentic, whole, loving expression in every moment and in every human being. He believes love and acceptance for all of our beings is the only tools we need. 

He currently resides in the hippie section of Israel.

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Program Start Date: April 20th, 2022

Session Time: 9:00am to 11:30am PST

Duration: 12 Consecutive Wednesdays

Location: Live Online

REGULAR PRICE = $1,200.00

Early Bird Price = $950

Until March 31st

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